Unemployement under this Liberal government

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, life has never been so difficult for Canadians. Trudeau’s inflationary spending and taxes have created a broken economy where businesses can’t survive and Canadians can’t find jobs.
This was made even more clear today after Statistics Canada published their Labour Force Survey. The report revealed that Canada lost 2,200 jobs in March, as Canada’s unemployment rate grew to 6.1% as more Canadians competed for fewer jobs. In comparison, the United States achieved significant job growth, with their unemployment rate falling to 3.8 percent.
The unemployment rate jumped up from 5.8 percent in February and marks the largest single increase in unemployment since summer 2022. But Trudeau has presided over an economy that has been worsening for months. Over the last year, the unemployment rate rose by a full percentage point, from 5.1% in March 2023 to 6.1% today.
This trend is even worse when you account for population growth. Canada’s working-age population has increased by 1 million people from March 2023 to March 2024, yet only 324K jobs were added over the same time period. In fact, for the past 9 consecutive months, new jobs have failed to keep up with population growth.
Justin Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost. Only Pierre Poilievre’s common sense plan will fix the budget and axe the tax so businesses can thrive and Canadians can bring home powerful paycheques.