Trudeau's Unprincipled Foreign Policy

Dear Friends,


This week, Prime Minister Trudeau’s five-year, multi-million dollar vanity project came to a crashing halt.


On Wednesday, the vote for the UN Security Council seats took place, where Canada placed third out of three; the other two being Ireland and Norway.



The “principled” foreign policy of this Liberal government since 2015 has been to do whatever it takes to get votes for a temporary two-year position. This has resulted in attempts to please every country, even if it meant throwing away Canadian principles.


Just days after Iran shot down a passenger jet killing dozens of Canadians, the Prime Minister was pictured smiling, bowing his head, and shaking hands with the Iranian foreign minister.


At every turn he has tried to appease the Chinese Communist Party government despite the arbitrary detention of Canadian citizens, and their atrocious human and religious rights record.


In mid-February of this year, he put a $10 million package into Senegal’s oil industry. This came after the Liberals passed Bill C-48 and C-69, legislation now that will kill our own oil industry, as well as the protests which he allowed to take the country hostage.


The Liberals were so desperate to hold onto these votes that Trudeau even refused to condemn the slave labour used in Qatar to build a soccer stadium when asked to by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.


For five years the Liberals have had an appeasement-based foreign policy with dictators and despots around the world. For example, while Prime Minister Trudeau claims to be an advocate for human rights, he was far too willing to turn a blind eye to violations of those rights for even a possibility of one more vote.


“Canada is back…” he said in 2015. I doubt our allies would agree.


We must change our foreign policy to, once again, standing up for Canadian principles at home and abroad. We must be fighting for the good of the world; human and religious rights, not the approval of the United Nations. We should act on wisdom, not personal whims.


Be assured, the Conservatives will continue to advocate for a principled foreign policy, and a principled government for Canadians.


I hope this has been of interest to you.



Kelly Block, MP