Trudeau's Radical Plastic Ban

Corey Tochor, Conservative Associate Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, introduced Private Members Bill C-380, An Act to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (plastic manufactured items).
Bill C-380 will allow Canadians to save at the grocery store, while also protecting their freedom to choose the products that work best for them. This bill will repeal the unscientific listing of all “plastic manufactured items” as “toxic” imposed by the Liberal government. The government’s plastic ban was struck down by the Federal Court last November but remains in the Act.
“Justin Trudeau has violated the Constitution with his unscientific plastics ban and failed to provide any evidence that this ban would benefit the environment or the health of Canadians. The NDP-Liberal costly coalition want to increase the cost of food while shortening its shelf life,” said MP Tochor.
Bill C-380 will end the regulations that are being used to ban straws and cutlery and those which are coming for food packaging, which increases the cost of food while shortening its shelf life. Deleting it from the Act is needed to end the appeals which are damaging the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Canadians and hitting all Canadians when they go to the grocery store or restaurant.
“Trudeau and his activist Environment Minister have prioritized banning straws over things that would actually help the environment, such as recycling and promoting biodegradability,” said MP Tochor. “We have the best engineers in the world.
Recycling means plastics can be used over and over again without causing waste while protecting the health of our people and the safety of our environment. That is the common sense solution.”