No relief from Trudeau's inflation Ahead of Christmas

No Relief From Trudeau’s Inflation Ahead Of Christmas
After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, life is harder than ever. As we head into the Christmas season, families are struggling to put food on the table, pay their rent or mortgage, and gas up their car. Parents can barely afford basic necessities, much less gifts for their children or a family vacation.
Today, we found out that, despite Liberal promises to get inflation under control, it continues to remain high at 3.1 percent, far above the 2 percent target. In fact, if you exclude energy, inflation is up since last month.
In the last year, mortgage interest costs are up 30 percent, and the average cost of rent is up 7.4 percent. In Nova Scotia, rent is up over 14%. This just adds to Justin Trudeau’s housing hell and threatens a mortgage meltdown for Canadian families. The price of groceries continues to be unaffordable, with the price of meat and vegetables continuing to rise, pasta up almost 15 percent and items like fruit juice and baby food both up over 10 percent.
Despite these price hikes, Justin Trudeau continues to charge ahead with his inflationary deficits and his plan to quadruple the carbon tax. Just one month ago, Trudeau announced he will add another $20.7 billion in inflationary debt, throwing more fuel on the fire of inflation. On top of this, he blocked the common sense Conservative bill, C-234, which would have taken the carbon tax off our farmers and provided relief for Canadians at the grocery store.
Justin Trudeau’s uncontrolled taxes and spending will keep inflation and interest rates higher for longer, pushing already struggling Canadians over the edge.
It is more clear than ever that Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost. Only common sense Conservatives will cap inflationary spending, balance the budget and axe the tax to bring down inflation and interest rates, bringing homes, food and fuel that Canadians can afford.