Trudeau's carbon tax means Canadian families will pay 700$ more for groceries

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are struggling to put food on the table.
As a direct result of Trudeau’s tax on farmers, truckers and grocers, the average Canadian family will have to pay $700 more for food in 2024 than in the previous year.
This was confirmed again today through the Daily Bread Food Bank’s report on food bank usage. In Toronto alone, the Daily Bread Food Bank served 301,354 clients in February 2024, up from 215,848 in February, 2023. This is a stark rise from 2015 when Justin Trudeau was first elected, when the food banks served 52,522 clients.
In October 2023, Food Banks Canada released a report saying that food banks across the country were visited nearly two million times in March of that year alone, an increase of 79 percent from 2019. And recently the charity Second Harvest reported that this problem will only get worse, projecting an expected 18 percent increase in demand in
2024, which translates into another million people having to rely on food banks to survive.
On top of this, 36 percent of not-for-profits feeding the hungry reported having to turn people away from their facilities because they simply couldn’t keep up with demand. In Toronto, that number increased to 50 percent.
Canadians are being forced to visit food banks because Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is driving up the cost of food. In spite of these record numbers, Trudeau has again decided to hike his carbon tax by 23% on April 1, as part of his plan to quadruple this tax over the next six years. This madness must end.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will spike the hike and axe the tax to bring home lower prices for all Canadians.