Trudeau must answer for ArriveSCAM

GC Strategies is a two-person IT firm that does no actual IT work, operating out of a house in Ottawa. The Auditor General (AG) found that GC Strategies received nearly $20 million dollars on the ArriveScam app, acting as an IT middleman. We know that GC Strategies has received nearly $60 million in contracts from the Trudeau Government since 2017 and potentially much more. The government’s own website shows hundreds of contracts listed.

The RCMP is investigating contracting links to ArriveScam, and the Auditor General has met with the Mounties concerning findings in her ArriveCan audit. The Auditor General’s ArriveScam report shows a concerted effort to cover up the paper trail and records. Senior government officials have been accused of destroying ArriveScam documents. Canada’s procurement watchdog found that 76% of ArriveScam subcontractors did not perform any work. This stinks of the corruption Canadians are all too familiar with seeing from this Liberal government and clearly warrants a full RCMP investigation