Trudeau Makes Life More Expensive For All Canadians

OTTAWA, ON — Conservative Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Gérard Deltell, released the following statement on the Trudeau government’s electricity regulations that will make life more expensive for all Canadians:
“Trudeau’s Environment Minister has once again revealed that this Liberal government does not care about Canadians who are facing a cost-of-living crisis. Instead of giving hard working Canadians some relief, they have decided to make life even more expensive for Canadians struggling to make ends meet.
“A memo from his minister’s own department confirmed that this ideological agenda will significantly ‘increase the costs’ of utility bills that Canadians have to pay every month. Some estimates suggest that the cost of the Liberal plan could be up to $1.7 trillion. Canadians just can’t afford Justin Trudeau anymore.
“What’s worse is that when provinces have real opportunities to reduce emissions, like the Sustainable Marine tidal power project in Nova Scotia, Trudeau’s government gatekeepers stand in the way and kill the projects.
“This government has already increased the carbon tax and poured billions of dollars of fuel on the inflationary fire; now, they are going to rachet up the cost of the electricity that is a necessity for families and businesses across Canada to, literally, keep the lights on. This is yet another example of the Trudeau government’s plan to make life more expensive for Canadians.
“Common sense Conservatives will axe inflationary taxes and cut Liberal red tape so that we can create cheap and clean electricity. We will use technology to reduce emissions without burdening Canadians with out-of-control utility bills. A Poilievre government will bring home cheap and reliable energy for all Canadians.”