Trudeau Liberals Admit Their Drug Policy Has Failed

Dr. Stephen Ellis, Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, and Laila Goodridge, Shadow Minister for Addictions, released the following statement on the acknowledgement by the Trudeau Liberals that their dangerous drug decriminalization program has put children at risk:
“Today’s announcement is an admission by the Liberals that their failed drug policy has put children and families at risk.
“For years now, Justin Trudeau has flooded the streets with deadly drugs. When overdoses increased following the rollout of that policy, they doubled down and decriminalized hard drugs in British Columbia, leading to opioid deaths increasing even more. BC streets have become less safe, and so have the places where our children play like playgrounds, wading pools and skate parks. Even the areas around schools and daycares, which were already supposed to be kept free of drug use, have been victimized by the unprecedented levels of drug addiction that have resulted from the Liberal-NDP coalition’s failed drug policy.
"Under his leadership, Justin Trudeau has allowed overdoses in BC, where his reckless decriminalization policy applies, to increase by 351%, while the street cost of dangerous drugs has dropped 70-95%. The impact of Trudeau’s failure has not only been felt by those suffering from addiction but also by families and children who are forced to live through the crime, chaos, drugs and disorder that Trudeau has brought to our communities.
“The announcement today is a clear admission that decriminalization and the flooding of Canada’s streets with taxpayer-funded opioids are failed policies that hurt addicts and communities. It also fails to go far enough to end the problems that the Liberal-NDP coalition has caused.
“Conservatives will end decriminalization of hard drugs, stop the taxpayer-funded handout of opioids, and invest money into treatment and recovery, ensuring Canadians will be able to bring their family, friends, and loved ones home drug-free.”