Trudeau Government Allowed PRC to Continue Infiltrating Maximum Security Lab After Alarm Bells Rang

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s most important institutions have never been more vulnerable to hostile foreign states. This was made clear yesterday after the Canada-China Committee uncovered that two government scientists had been flagged to CSIS by the head of the National Microbiology Lab in August 2018, months before an official investigation was launched in the Public Health Agency.
Despite national security concerns being flagged in both August and October 2018, it took until July, 3019 for the Trudeau government to act. As a result, these scientists were able to transfer information and dangerous viruses like, Ebola, to the National Institute of Virology in Wuhan and continued to have access to this lab for 10 months, even as CSIS and PHAC were investigating their conduct.
When asked who would be held responsible for this massive national security breach, Trudeau’s Minister of Health, Mark Holland, stated that no one else would be held accountable and fired. When pressed on how PHAC could not be aware of the research and funding ties these scientists had with Beijing’s People’s Liberation Army and the PRC, he stated “it is the responsibility of those individuals to disclose their engagements and affiliations.” The Trudeau Government is hopelessly naïve if they think hostile foreign agents will tell them that they are spying in Canada.
This Parliamentary investigation was launched after it was discovered last month that the government and military of the PRC were able to penetrate our nation’s maximum-security laboratory that handles the world’s most dangerous viruses. These scientists duped PHAC and were secretly collaborating and receiving funds from the PRC’s top military officials in the field of biotechnology, bioweapons and bioterrorism.
Common Sense Conservatives are determined to ensure a breach of this magnitude never happens again. Even if Trudeau’s Health Minister refuses to find those responsible, Conservatives will hold the Liberal Government accountable.