Trudeau's Wacko drug policy

After nine years, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal-NDP coalition’s dangerous legalization experiment, and their distribution of taxpayer-funded hard drugs to Canadians suffering with addiction, have failed.
Since Trudeau formed government in 2015, over 42,000 Canadians have died from drug overdoses. In British Columbia, where Trudeau allowed the NDP Government to legalize hard drugs like opioids, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, there has been a nearly 400 percent increase in overdose deaths.
Justin Trudeau must be honest with Canadians over the misery and chaos his taxpayer-funded hard drugs have created in communities across Canada. For this reason, Common Sense Conservatives have introduced a motion calling on the Liberal Government and provinces to release all contracts relating to their reckless distribution of hard drugs within three weeks of the adoption of this motion. These taxpayer-funded hard drugs have created death and despair throughout our country, and Canadians deserve to know exactly where their money is going.
This is especially important as taxpayer-funded drugs continue to be diverted to the most vulnerable Canadians. This was confirmed by the Vancouver’s Police Department who said that around 50 percent of all hydromorphone seizures were diverted from safe supply drugs. This means that taxpayer-funded hard drugs have ended up in the hands of organized crime and sold in schoolyards across the country, leading our youth into the destructive cycle of addiction.
On top of this, the hard drugs that the Trudeau Government provides are frequently resold to teenagers and other vulnerable Canadians in order to purchase more deadly fentanyl. The diversion of these drugs is made more evident through the fact that the street price of hydromorphone has collapsed. Justin Trudeau is not worth the despair or the crime.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will end Trudeau and the NDP’s deadly experiment. The most vulnerable Canadians deserve hope and treatment, not more taxpayer-funded hard drugs.