The number of overdose deaths since Trudeau took office

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are dying. Trudeau’s dangerous experiment of legalizing hard drugs like opioids, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine has failed.
This was made clear today when the Liberals finally allowed British Columbia’s radical NDP Government to flip-flop and walk back parts of Trudeau’s hard drug legalization program. Trudeau took 11 days to accept BC’s request, during which time 66 more British Columbians died.
Since Trudeau formed government, the results of his radical drug policies have been catastrophic with over 42,000 Canadians dying from drug overdoses. In British Columbia, where Trudeau carried out his hard drugs experiment, there has been a nearly 400 percent increase in overdose deaths. Despite this, Justin Trudeau still refuses to rule out the requests from Toronto Public Health and the City of Montreal to legalize hard drugs in Canada’s two largest cities. The Liberal Minister of Mental Health still refuses to acknowledge that their dangerous policy was a failure.
It’s clear that Justin Trudeau has not learnt from his catastrophic mistake of hard drug legalization in British Columbia, despite 2500 overdose deaths in the first year of legalization of hard drugs. And he still refuses to say whether hard drugs should be allowed in children’s parks, hospitals and public transit.
Canadians deserve to know what Trudeau is going to do next and whether he will impose his extreme policy elsewhere. Trudeau must be clear with Canadians that he will not accept any further legalization requests.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will end Trudeau and the NDP's deadly failed experiment of decriminalization and taxpayer-funded hard drugs.