The Flights Attendants Fairness Act

Lianne Rood, Conservative Member of Parliament for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, tabled her common-sense Private Members Bill, The Flights Attendants Fairness Act:
The Flights Attendants Fairness Act will grant fairness to flight attendants by requiring airlines to pay them for the work they do before, during, and after a flight.
“Conservatives believe you should be paid for the work you do,” said MP Rood. "After nine years of this NDP-Liberal government, life is unfair to hard working Canadians, and completely unaffordable.”
The Flights Attendants Fairness Act amends the Canada Labour Code to provide that, in calculating the time in respect of which an employee who is a flight attendant is to be paid, the employer must include the time that the employee spends in carrying out their pre-flight and post-flight duties and in completing mandatory training programs.
“It’s unfair that flight attendants in Canada are not paid until their aircraft is in motion, even though flight attendants are required to be at work, in uniform, performing work-related duties prior to the plane being in motion,” said MP Rood.
“While the NDP-Liberals block bigger paycheques for Canadian workers, Conservatives will remove unfair red tape and bring home more powerful paycheques for working Canadians.”