Stop the April 1rst Carbon Tax Hike

The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Common Sense Conservatives, announced today that he will be forcing multiple votes in Parliament next week to spike Trudeau’s April Fools’ tax hike:
“On April 1st, Justin Trudeau is planning to play a cruel joke on Canadians. Even as people struggle to put food on the table, gas in their cars, or heat their homes, he's going to raise their taxes again. He plans on raising his carbon tax by 23% as part of his plan to make Canadians poorer and quadruple the carbon tax over the next six years.
“Canadians have had enough. Nearly 70% of people oppose Trudeau’s April 1st hike and Trudeau is facing a provincial revolt as a growing number of Premiers have echoed Common Sense Conservatives' demands to spike the hike, including a Liberal Premier.
"But Trudeau isn’t listening. He doesn’t care that people are struggling because of his failed policies. But Common Sense Conservatives are listening. We know Canadians need relief.
“That’s why next week we will be forcing multiple votes in Parliament to spike Trudeau’s tax hike. The final vote will be next Thursday. Mark your calendars.
“If Trudeau insists on hiking the tax on food, heating and gas, then it’s time for Liberal and NDP MPs to stand up to Justin Trudeau to bring home lower prices. The ability of Canadians to put food on the table and fuel in their cars is more important than protecting Justin Trudeau’s fading political career.
“Canadians will eventually get the chance to vote to axe the tax entirely in a carbon tax election. But next week, Liberal and NDP MPs will have multiple opportunities to listen to Canadians and vote with Common Sense Conservatives to spike the April Fools’ hike. Canadians should watch very closely to see if their MPs vote for pain and tax increases, or common sense relief for Canadians.”