Statement on NDP Liberal Agreement

Statement by MP Kelly Block on Arrangement for the NDP to Support Liberal Government

March 22, 2022

Ottawa, ON – Kelly Block, Member of Parliament for Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek, released the following statement on the “confidence and supply” agreement between the Liberal and NDP caucuses.

"Yesterday evening Canadians learned that the NDP caucus entered into an agreement to support the Liberal government through 2025.

"In her statement on the agreement, the Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition said: “The NDP-Liberal coalition is nothing more than a callous attempt by Justin Trudeau to hold on to power. Canadians did not vote for an NDP government. This is little more than backdoor socialism.” End quote.

“I echo the comments of my colleague. The NDP were elected to hold the Liberals to account, not give them a free pass.

"The people of Saskatchewan firmly rejected the policies and promises of both the NDP and Liberal parties understanding those policies would increase government spending, lead to higher taxes and hurt our economy.

“With rising inflation, out-of-control cost of living, and national unity at stake, Justin Trudeau knows he is losing the confidence of Canadians.

"Rather than change his policies and divisive rhetoric, the Prime Minister is doubling down and choosing to stay in power at all costs including implementing the more extreme policies of the NDP.

"If this NDP-Liberal coalition stands, Saskatchewan and our entire country are in for a 'very rough ride'.”