Statement of the defeat of C-230

Kelly Block, Conservative Member of Parliament for Carlton Trail—Eagle Creek, released the following statement after the defeat of Bill C-230, the Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act:
Freedom of conscience is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in section 2 (a). It is one of the most integral freedoms to the individual.
Today, a majority of MPs from the Liberal-NDP coalition, along with the support from the Bloc Quebecois and Green Party, defeated a bill that sought to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals from being forced to participate in medical assistance in dying (MAiD).
There is a growing concern among many medical professionals, regardless of whether they support the practice or not, that they may be forced to participate in MAiD due to the expanding eligibility. This is doubly concerning to those professionals who may feel obligated to provide it, even if they do not believe it is in a particular patient’s best interest based on their knowledge of the patient’s medical history.
The Supreme Court’s ruling in the 2015 Carter decision was predicated on two things, namely, a willing patient and just as importantly a willing physician.
In acknowledging a physician’s Charter right, the Supreme Court stated the following: We note . . . that a physician’s decision to participate in assisted dying is a matter of conscience and in some cases religious belief.
With today’s vote, Canadians have once again been shown that only Conservative Members of Parliament will defend their fundamental rights and freedoms.