Speech from the Throne

Dear Friends, 

This past Tuesday, the Speech from the Throne was read by the Governor General outlining the priorities of the Liberal government. 

In this speech, there was very little said about rising inflation which is driving up the daily cost of living for families across Canada.  

As Conservative Leader, Erin O’Toole put it, “Justin Trudeau’s political priorities announced today do nothing for the Canadians worried about the cost-of-living crisis that is pricing families out of homes and driving the cost of everyday essentials up, businesses crippled from supply chain constraints, and workers whose wages are stagnating. ...Rather than focus on employment and investment to kick start our recovery and strengthen our economy, this Liberal government is focused on furthering its own ideological agenda.” 

Unfortunately, there was very little substance in the speech as it didn’t offer any solid plans for how to address the issues facing Canadians. Instead of providing an economic plan to support families, seniors and small businesses, they have chosen to return to their status quo which will mean more deficits leading to higher taxes. 

My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to be the voice of small business owners, of the energy sector, of farming families, of parents, and of seniors. We will continue to be the voice for the millions of Canadians that this government continues to leave behind. 


Kelly Block, MP 


Click HERE to read or watch the Throne Speech.