Soft-on-crime Liberal legislation

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s justice system is broken. This was made clear after the Liberal Government allowed one of the most evil monsters in Canadian history, Paul Bernardo, to transfer to a cushy, medium-security prison.
Bernardo deserves to be in maximum-security until he leaves in a box, but today, the Liberals and their NDP coalition partners, alongside the Bloc Quebecois, voted against a Common Sense Conservative Bill that would have immediately put him back in a maximum-security prison where he belongs.
Criminals like Bernardo are getting out of maximum-security prisons because of soft-on-crime Liberal legislation like Bill C-83, which requires prison selection to be made based on giving inmates the least 'restrictive environment possible,' regardless of how heinous their crimes were.
This Common Sense Conservative Bill ensured that people convicted of multiple first-degree murders, as well as court-ordered dangerous offenders, would never be transferred out of maximum-security prison for the duration of their sentence. It would also repeal the Liberals' dangerous 'least-restrictive environment' standard and ensure that necessary restrictions apply for repeat violent offenders, as was the case under the previous Conservative Government.
Despite this, the Liberals, NDP and Bloc voted against this Bill, even though Bernardo’s transfer to a medium-security has shocked the public and created new trauma for the families of his victims.
On top of this, Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister, Dominic LeBlanc, has always had the authority to issue directions to Correctional Service Canada and the power to make regulations regarding the incarceration of prisoners. But once again, this Liberal government has failed to take necessary action.
Common Sense Conservatives will put Paul Bernardo and monsters like him back in maximum-security where they belong and ensure our justice system places victims, not criminals, first.