Same Old Story

Dear Friends,


This past Wednesday, Governor General Julie Payette read a 7,000 word Speech from the Throne full of empty words and platitudes.


When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament back in August, he claimed it was absolutely necessary to allow his government to push reset and provide a new plan going forward. Instead we bore witness to an hour long Liberal greatest-hits album played on shuffle”.


It has become clear that the Liberals are willing to pander to the NDP with promises of Universal Pharmacare and Universal Childcare. Prime Minister Trudeau has demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to hold onto power. These promises alone would cost Canadians hundreds of billions.


At a time of economic turmoil and concerns of national unity, this government decided to double down on failed policies and unkept election promises. Rather than zeroing in on efficient economic recovery, Trudeau is trying to bring us all into “his future”. Sadly, his “Team Canada” approach has helped his friends and Liberal insiders while leaving the rest of Canada out in the cold.


The only way to truly recover is to utilize the resources we have. The energy industry, and the jobs it provides, is being phased out by this government. It is because of this industry and those who work in it that we have been able to thrive as a nation for so long. Despite this fact, the Speech from the Throne has only further served to alienate Western Canada. We are running on empty, and Trudeau refuses to fill up on Canadian Oil & Gas.


Without including all of Canada, including the West, we will never recover from this pandemic.


The sad irony of the speech came with the constant mentions of “economic sustainability”. I may be willing to believe Trudeau if his decisions over the past five years hadn’t crippled our economy. Prior to the pandemic, he spent the cupboards bare, and has chopped up the cupboards for firewood. This speech is the same old Liberal rhetoric with no sign of changing.


How could I possibly support such a speech?


On the same night, Trudeau made a countrywide broadcast which he claimed was of national importance and urgency, and would not be political. He then proceeded to summarize the Speech from the Throne from a few hours earlier. It was both political and a complete waste of time.


Listening to this speech, one is left wondering if this government has conveniently forgotten that they have been in power for the past five years – making the same promises they’ve made in the past.


What can we take away from all of this?


This Speech from the Throne was completely unnecessary. It has become blatantly obvious (if it was not already before) that Trudeau’s decision to prorogue Parliament was to shut down the committees investigating the WE Scandal. Since mid-August the Liberals have been talking about “a new vision for Canada.” When the time came for them to present their brilliant plan, they fell back on old election promises and plagiarizing the NDP’s platform.


Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians. His incompetence has cost lives and livelihoods across the country, and is absolutely unacceptable.


Trudeau has taken advantage of Canadians for long enough. It is time for him to accept responsibility for his actions.


I, along with my colleagues, will continue to call for accountability and transparency from this corrupt, opaque government.


I hope this information has been of use to you.



Kelly Block, MP