Rapid Testing

Dear Friends,


Since the beginning of this pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown that he is woefully unprepared to get things done when needed. His government’s stunning incompetence and lack of foresight has become more and more apparent throughout this time.


Whether it was the conflicting information at the start of the pandemic, including the claims that border control measures and masks don’t work, or sending critical supplies of PPE to China when we had a shortage, the Liberals have been failing Canadians.


It was foreshadowed back in March, at the beginning of the shutdown, that as Canada began opening back up, there would likely be a spike in cases. We had six months to prepare for a second wave, but all this government has done is squander your tax dollars.


Unfortunately, spending loads of cash doesn’t stop the virus from spreading and shutting down businesses. There has been a solution that Trudeau could have pursued, and that is the purchasing of rapid test kits. But once again, this government was late to the game.


My colleague, the Shadow Minister for Health, Michelle Rempel - Garner asked in the House, “We don’t have job-saving rapid tests. Why?” Patty Hajdu, the Minister for Health, failed to provide an answer to that question.


The short answer? Incompetence.


While other countries have been purchasing rapid test kits, the Liberals were, once again, sluggish. With this government’s failure, Canadians are left waiting until late December at the earliest to start using these tests.


The use of rapid test kits is currently the best way to safely and efficiently reopen this country, but the Liberals have fallen behind once again.


Canadians have had enough of this ineptitude, and deserve answers. MP Rempel - Garner has tabled a motion in the Health Committee to review all documents related to the pandemic. While the Liberals have been trying to block the motion, the Conservatives will continue to push for answers from the government.


Rest assured that I, along with all of my colleagues, remain committed to serving Canadians and demanding better from this government.


I hope this has been of interest to you.



Kelly Block, MP