Premiers urge pause on carbon tax

After eight years, Justin Trudeau is no longer listening to Canadians. This was made clear after Liberal MPs outrageously tried to shut down the testimony of two premiers, and made a mockery of parliamentary procedure because they are desperate to not talk about the April 1st carbon tax hike.
The Premier of New Brunswick and the Premier of Alberta volunteered to speak to members of Parliament about the devastating effects the April 1st tax hike will have on the residents of their provinces. But the Liberals simply weren’t interested.
Trudeau just doesn’t care that the tax hike will make the cost of food, gas and heating more expensive for everyone and will try and silence anyone who disagrees with them, as they did with Premier Higgs and Premier Smith.
Premier Higgs made clear that the people of New Brunswick cannot afford Trudeau’s carbon tax hike, saying that all political parties needed to band together to make life more affordable. Canadians are struggling to afford the most basic necessities, as seen through the fact that fifty military families in Gagetown have to rely on a local food bank. On top of this, Premier Smith also reiterated her call to spike Trudeau’s April 1st carbon tax hike before even more Albertans are impoverished by this government’s policies.
This attempted censoring of Canada’s premiers comes just one day after Saskatchewan’s Premier, Scott Moe, warned the Liberal Government at a House of Commons Committee that the carbon tax is devastating for farmers as well as rural residents in his province.
The Parliamentary Budget Officer also confirmed in the same Committee that Canadians would be better off without the carbon tax, saying that they would experience higher income growth while the price of food would come down at the grocery store. No wonder that Trudeau would now prefer to shut down testimony from elected premiers, rather than allowing them to further expose his Liberal Government’s signature policy.
Justin Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost. Only Common Sense Conservatives will listen to the overwhelming majority of Canadians who want to spike the April 1st carbon tax hike while working with Canada’s premiers to axe the tax and bring home lower prices for everyone.
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