Minister Miller Must Explain Lies to Canadians

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, over 3.6 million international students have been awarded student visas and entered Canada, including a record number of over 683,000 international student visas issued in 2023 alone. But under Justin Trudeau, international students entering Canada on study permits are not automatically required to provide a criminal record check or a police certificate.
Last week, Minister Marc Miller lied about this. When asked if there were criminal record checks for those on a student visa, he gave a definitive yes and then said “you check them and if they have a criminal record, they don’t come in.”
This is false. Police certificates and criminal background checks from the country of origin are not mandatory for all international students entering Canada on a government issued permit.
This outright lie comes from the Minister responsible for granting these visas, despite his previous acknowledgement that the integrity of Canada’s immigration system is at risk.
The Minister either lied to Canadians, or is not aware of the policies of his own Ministry. It is comments like these that are casting further doubt on the integrity of Canada’s immigration system and the Liberal Government’s ability to protect the safety of Canadians.
When the Citizenship and Immigration Committee meets next week, Conservatives will bring forward a motion calling for the Minister to appear at committee to answer for his false claims.
After nine years of Liberals breaking the immigration system, Common Sense Conservatives will fix what the Liberals have broken and ensure people coming to Canada receive a proper security check.