New Trudeau Ministers Must Appear Before Parliamentary Committees

Jake Stewart, Conservative Caucus Committee Coordinator, released the following statement calling all new ministers to appear before parliamentary committees from Justin Trudeau’s disastrous summer cabinet shuffle:
"Parliament is back and Trudeau’s new ministers have been on the job for two months. After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians have seen their mortgage payments double, rent double, carbon taxes increased and crime and chaos unleashed in their communities, and are demanding Trudeau and his ministers be held accountable on their policies that are making life more expensive and our streets less safe. Canadians must hear from:
• The Housing Minister, that now presides over a housing crisis that has seen mortgage payments double, rent double, tent cities spanning across the country and international students living in homeless shelters or on the streets,
• The President of the Treasury Board who expects each Minister to find $15 billion in savings, while the Minister of Finance directly contradicted her by pledging to redirect this money into new programs, despite inflationary deficits driving up inflation and leading to massive increases in mortgage payments,
• The Minister of Justice, that said the increase in violent crime is all in the heads of Canadians and that it is “empirically unlikely”, despite the fact that violent crime is up nearly 40% and gang related killings have more than doubled, up 108% after 8 years of Justin Trudeau,
• The Minister of Addictions, who now presides over the opioid epidemic, that is now the leading cause of death amongst youth aged 10 to 18 in BC, must explain how she will reduce opioid related deaths,
• The Minister of Immigration, who must explain how his government lost count of over one million people living in Canada.
"Even though the Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has not moved into a new role, she must detail how the Liberal government can reign in their out-of-control spending and axe their inflationary taxes that is hiking the cost of everything.
"Conservatives will present motions calling on all new ministers from Trudeau’s disastrous summer cabinet shuffle to immediately appear before parliamentary committees and provide answers Canadians are demanding.
"Throughout this sitting of Parliament, Canadians will be presented with a clear choice: common-sense Conservatives, who will free Canadians to earn powerful paycheques, that buy affordable food, gas and homes in safe neighbourhoods. Or Justin Trudeau and the costly Liberal-NDP government who take your money, punish your work, tax your food, double your housing bill and unleash crime and chaos in your communities."