NDP-Liberals refuse to rule out hard drugs

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are suffering. In British Columbia, where Trudeau allowed the radical NDP government to legalize deadly hard drugs like meth, cocaine and fentanyl, there has been a 380 percent increase in drug deaths. 2,500 Canadians have died from drug overdoses in the first year of Trudeau’s legalization experiment alone.
Despite the catastrophic results of this Liberal-NDP experiment, Trudeau’s Minister for Mental Health and Addictions, Ya'ara Saks answered “yes” when asked if the Prime Minister’s decision to legalize hard drugs in British Columbia was a success.
In fact, this experiment has been so disastrous that the radical BC NDP Government requested for Trudeau to reverse his decision to allow for the public use of deadly hard drugs like meth, cocaine and fentanyl.
On top of this, drug overdoses became the leading cause of death for children in BC between the age 10 to 18. The Prime Minister’s drug legalization policy led to rampant open drug use in playgrounds, public spaces and even hospitals.
Conservatives gave the Liberal Minister repeated opportunities to rule out expanding BCs deadly drug legalization policy. Yet she refused to rule out expanding drug legalization to Toronto, Montreal and any other jurisdictions in Canada. This comes after voting against a Conservative motion that called on the government to rule out expanding drug legalization anywhere in Canada.
If Justin Trudeau is re-elected, then he will continue to push his failed experiment on other cities. Only Common Sense Conservatives will end the legalization of hard drugs, redirect money from taxpayer-funded hard drug programs into treatment and recovery centres, and bring home our loved ones drug-free.