MP Michael Barrett Introduces Bill C-405

Michael Barrett, Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics and Accountable Government and Member of Parliament for Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, introduced Bill C-405, the Parliamentary Accountability for Canadians Act.
Bill C-405 will ensure stronger accountability for the Parliament of Canada to the citizens of Canada by including a minimum penalty of imprisonment for a term of six months for cases of perjury before a House of Parliament. It also amends the Parliament of Canada Act to provide that a House of Parliament may impose a fine of not more than $50,000 on a person who engages in conduct that amounts to contempt of Parliament.
“After nine years of Justin Trudeau’s government of serial lawbreakers, insiders and elites dealing in the Liberal government are emboldened to lie to Parliament and to Canadians, damaging the public’s trust in our institutions,” said Barrett. “Canadians expect that when their government is entrusted to uphold accountability, those they have dealings with are not above the law, and Conservatives will continue to fight for accountability and the rule of law.”
Parliament and its committees have faced an increasing number of people flouting the authority of Parliament, and possibly lying while under oath. Recent examples of Government of Canada officials and contractors refusing to turn in documents and answer questions have obstructed and delayed the work of Parliament to the detriment of getting accountability for Canadians. A growing number of the Canadian public and their elected representatives have called for additional accountability measures including fines and prison time.
“People must respect Canada’s Parliament, our laws, and our institutions,” said Barrett. “Conservatives believe in restoring Canadians’ confidence in Parliament to bring home accountability.”