More Canadians skipping meals

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, life has never been so difficult. Homeless encampments are common in every major city and millions of Canadians are having to rely on food banks to survive.
This misery was made clear again yesterday after The Salvation Army published its Spring Research report. This showed that nearly a third of Canadians continue to feel pessimistic about the future of their personal finances while 25 percent of Canadians continue to be extremely concerned about having enough income to cover their basic needs.
This report also showed that nearly 75 percent of Canadians faced challenges managing limited financial resources. This has contributed to a wave of Canadians who continue to deprioritize seeking medical health for financial reasons.
This follows a report from Food Bank Canada’s 2024 Poverty Report Card, which revealed that almost 50 percent of Canadians feel financially worse off compared to last year while 25 percent of Canadians are experiencing food insecurity.
On top of this, Food Banks Canada reported that the cost of living has become so high that food banks have seen a 50 percent increase in visits since 2021. This was also reflected in the Salvation Army report, which detailed that 61 percent of Canadians who used food banks last year were first-time users. Justin Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will bring home lower prices by axing the tax and ending the inflationary spending.