Many Canadians are beginning 2024 in debt & despair

Trudeau Forces Canadians To Pay More For Everything.
After eight years of Justin Trudeau, life is harder than ever. Foodbank visits are at record highs, and asking rents for residential properties have reached a record high of $2,178. Inflation is taking more and more money out of Canadians’ pockets, forcing people to choose between putting food on the table and heating their home.
In July, Trudeau’s Finance Minister said their plan to tackle inflation “is working.” Liberals ran victory laps, assuring Canadians that everything was under control. But today, it is clear that inflation is still getting worse, increasing well above the 2 percent target to 3.4 percent. Inflation on food remains high at 5 percent, while rent prices rose by 7.7 percent.
Common sense Conservatives have been warning the Liberals for years that their inflationary deficits and carbon tax plan are making life unaffordable for Canadians. Both the Bank of Canada and the former Liberal Finance Minister, John Manley, told Trudeau that he was pressing on the inflationary gas pedal with his out-of-control spending. Despite this, Trudeau refused to listen, adding another $20.7 billion in inflationary debt in November. It’s clear that Justin Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost.
Justin Trudeau’s inflationary spending is making everything more expensive at a time when Canadians just need some relief. If his government is serious about restoring affordability, then Trudeau must axe all inflationary taxes, end the out-of-control spending, and announce a plan to return to balanced budgets.
Only common sense Conservatives will end the inflationary spending and taxes and bring home powerful paycheques for all Canadians.