Liberals to be Audited

Dear Friends,

For the second time in this 43rd Parliament, a Conservative motion has passed in the House of Commons.

The Conservative motion ordered an immediate audit of over $186 billion in Liberal spending. This comes after the Parliamentary Budget Officer stated that he was not given enough information on this spending to do his job.


Luc Berthold, the Conservative Shadow Minister of Infrastructure, and the sponsor of the motion, commented on the audit:

The Liberals’ record on infrastructure is one of failure, and they have done everything in their power to hide that fact from Canadians. Now that the government can no longer hide behind their majority in the House, Parliamentarians have passed a motion to uncover the truth about how the $186.7 billion infrastructure program has been managed.

Given the lack of transparency and accountability coming from the Trudeau government, Conservatives believe this audit is necessary to determine why the Liberals’ infrastructure plan does not respect the Liberals’ promises. Multiple reports from the Parliamentary Budget Officer have shown that the Liberals have not been forthcoming with information about how the announced infrastructure funding has actually been used.

We will use our strengthened Opposition in order to ensure that that the Liberals cooperate fully with the Office of the Auditor General so that Canadians can get the answers they deserve. It’s time to get shovels in the ground and Canadians back to work.”

Despite their promise to be “open and transparent”, the Liberals voted against the motion en masse. However, the support of the rest of the House allowed the motion to pass.

After 4 years of using their majority to hide from Canadians, the Liberals will now be forced to open their books and tell us exactly how they have been spending our hard-earned tax dollars.

I hope this information has been of interest to you.

Have a great weekend!


Kelly Block, MP