Liberals appoint an individual with an antisemitic record as head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, the Liberal government is no longer taking its obligations to protect Canadians seriously. Not only have they failed to stand up to antisemitism, but they also have a disgraceful track record of appointing antisemites to positions of authority.
Earlier this month, the Liberals appointed an individual with a disgusting antisemitic record as head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Reports reveal that the now active Chief Commissioner, Birju Dattani, participated in an anti-Israel rally following the death of a senior Hamas terrorist, shared a platform with radical extremists that oppose Israel’s existence and has shared content that compares Israelis to Nazis.
This track record should immediately disqualify someone from being appointed to a government position, let alone for a position that’s sole purpose is to fight racism and defend human rights.
This appointment will only embolden those who spread hatred and violence towards Jewish Canadians. Already, hate crimes are up 162% and 2023 set a record for antisemitic attacks. There have been recent shootings at Jewish schools in Montreal and Toronto while molotov cocktails were used to attack a Vancouver Synagogue. Jews are being threatened in their own neighborhoods.
For this reason, Common Sense Conservatives called for an emergency meeting at Justice Committee so Canadians could hear from Trudeau’s Justice Minister, Arif Virani, as well as the new Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Unfortunately, the Liberal-NDP coalition, along with the Bloc, decided to reject this request in a desperate attempt to save Trudeau from further embarrassment.
On top of this, Liberal MP Anthony Housefather also refused to join in calling for this emergency meeting, even though his fellow Liberal MPs are blocking his appointment to a promised antisemitism role.
Canadians deserve a government who will stand up to hatred. Only Common Sense Conservatives will ensure that all Canadians feel safe in their own communities.