Liberal-NDP Coalition Shut Down Emergency Meeting Into $54 million ArriveScam App

Larry Brock, Conservative Member of Parliament for Brantford–Brant, released the following statement on the Liberal-NDP coalition shutting down an investigation into the ArriveScam app:
“The ArriveScam app is one of worst cases of wasteful spending in Canadian history. Not only did this fiasco waste $54 million in hard-earned Canadian tax dollars, but the RCMP has also declared that they are investigating criminality in the contracts that were awarded.
“When $54 million goes out the door, and government officials can't get their story straight about where it went, the least the Trudeau government can do is ask the Auditor General to update Canadians on where the money went.
“But when Conservatives asked the Auditor General to give evidence to the Public Accounts Committee, the Liberals and their NDP coalition partners voted to cover it up and shut it down. Just 30 minutes into a scheduled 2-hour meeting, the Liberal-NDP coalition made sure that Canadians would be kept in the dark.
“We now know that government officials lied before parliamentary hearings investigating the 54 million dollar app. We have serious allegations of fraudulent contract practices that are cause for grave concern. Yet despite the severity of the situation, the Liberal-NDP coalition has laughed in the face of potential criminal contracting practices.
“Common sense Conservatives will not stop until we get to the bottom of the ArriveScam app. Now more than ever, it’s clear that the NDP-Liberal government is not worth the cost.”