Liberal government must reveal the truth about taxpayer dollars being used to hire foreign replacement workers

After nine years, Justin Trudeau is no longer working for Canadians. This was made clear when the Trudeau Government gave nearly $50 billion in subsidies to companies that hired foreign replacement workers instead of Canadians.
Since these subsidies were announced, Justin Trudeau has desperately tried to hide the truth from Canadians, even shutting down the public release of these contracts in Parliamentary Committee to protect his government and prevent workers from hearing the truth.
But the Liberals can no longer deny that foreign replacement workers are taking Canadian jobs after Canada’s Building Trades Union (CBTU) confirmed that the heavily subsidized battery plants in southwestern Ontario will rely on foreign replacement workers. The CEO of Honda has also admitted to media that foreign workers will be given jobs as part of this taxpayer-funded project.
Despite this, the Liberal-NDP coalition today again voted against making these contracts public. They even voted against releasing the section that shows what, if anything, the Liberal Government guaranteed for Canadian workers. This proves that Trudeau, with the help of his NDP coalition partners, are covering up the fact that they are letting foreign workers take the jobs of Canadians.
The Liberals and the NDP are no longer standing up for Canadians. It’s unacceptable that taxpayer dollars could be funding thousands of foreign jobs that were marketed as going to Canadians. Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost.
Canadians deserve a government that will stand up for Canadian workers. Only Common Sense Conservatives will ensure that any taxpayer-funded jobs are given to Canadians, not foreign replacement workers.