Liberal ArriveSCAM Filibuster

Despite hours of Liberal filibustering, Conservatives have passed a motion forcing the owners of GC Strategies, Justin Trudeau’s favourite two-person IT firm, to appear at committee within 21 days or face arrest by the Sergeant-at-Arms, the top security official of the House of Commons.

The Trudeau government gave GC strategies at least $20 million to do no actual IT work on the ArriveScam app. The latest Auditor General’s report found “a glaring disregard for basic management practices around the ArriveCan application.” This includes the fact that GC Strategies even took part in writing the eligibility requirements for the contract they were ultimately awarded. Now, we’ve learned that the RCMP is investigating corruption claims around the contracts given out for this project.

Kristian Firth and Darren Anthony have already defied two separate orders to appear at committee, making the motion Conservatives got passed today necessary to get the answers Canadians need.

Instead of quickly agreeing to hear from the two yesterday, Liberals launched a two-day-long filibuster. They have shown how desperate they are to cover this up and prevent their corrupt, dirty laundry from being aired in public, but Canadians deserve to know how their tax dollars are being abused.

Common Sense Conservatives have launched multiple investigations into Trudeau’s $60 million ArriveScam app and are employing a rarely used constitutional power to subpoena GC Strategies, mandating their testimony before committee. We will ensure Canadians know how Justin Trudeau spent $60 million of their money on the useless ArriveScam app.