KPMG reveals that senior government officials from CBSA directed them to work with GC Strategies

Yesterday, KPMG revealed that senior government officials from CBSA directed them to work with GC Strategies. This shocking new development in Trudeau’s $60 million ArriveScam, raises further questions about collusion between GC Strategies and government officials.
The parliamentary investigation into ArriveScam heard testimony that KPMG was “…asked to contract with [GC strategies] by the government.” Senior KPMG partners testified that GC Strategies were “well known in government circles”. In addition, the committee heard that in the nearly quarter billion dollars KPMG has received in government contracts under Justin Trudeau, they are aware of only one instance in which government officials directed them to a specific company— GC Strategies on ArriveScam.
Yesterday’s testimony raises serious questions on how often government officials directed business to GC Strategies, as they received nearly $60 million in contracts since 2017 alone. GC Strategies was paid $20 million on ArriveScam, representing 33% of the app's $60 million price tag. The Trudeau Government has made this company multimillionaires through taxpayer handouts, despite the fact they do no actual IT work themselves. The RCMP is investigating ArriveCan, along with 12 other investigative authorities and agencies.
Yesterday’s revelations raise more questions about the cozy relationship between GC Strategies and government officials. Ongoing parliamentary investigations will be forced to call new witnesses revealed in today’s testimony and recall government officials to cross-reference their previous testimony. Common Sense Conservatives will hold the Trudeau Government to account, and ensure the Liberal Government recoups all funds paid to ArriveScam contractors and subcontractors that did no actual work on the app.