Justin Trudeau Makes Back-to-School Less Affordable

Costly Liberal policies make back-to-school more expensive for Canadian families.
According to numbers released by Deloitte, the average bill for back-to-school shopping in Canada came out to $700 per student, while a survey from the firm released last month suggested the cost of school supplies has increased 24% over the last two years. Groups across the country that seek to help Canadians manage the high prices of back-to-school supplies are seeing record demand (Newfoundland, PEI, Toronto, Alberta, New Brunswick).
StatsCan expects the biggest price shock to parents will be the increased cost of lunch box staples. Bread, rolls, and buns are up 8.1%. Apples are up 7.8% this year. Cookies and crackers are up 12.4%.
This extra stress placed on the family budget means more than just cutting back on extracurriculars and vacations. According to Capital One, 45% of Canadian households making less than $60,000 a year are foregoing essential items.
Finally, 14% of Canadians anticipate they will have to go into debt just to pay for school supplies this year.
As a result of Justin Trudeau’s inflationary policies and taxes, Canadians are worse off and life is less affordable.
Common sense Conservatives will axe Justin Trudeau’s inflationary tax on everything and ensure Canadians bring home powerful paycheques that mean back-to-school can once again be an exciting time of year.