Justin Trudeau is not worth the corruption

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are struggling. Housing prices have doubled while millions of Canadians are having to line up outside of food banks. But for well-connected Liberals, life has never been so good.
After the Auditor General discovered that Trudeau had turned Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) into a slush fund for Liberal insiders, Common Sense Conservatives have put forward a motion ordering the Liberal Government, SDTC and Auditor General to give all documents and materials concerning the slush fund to the RCMP.
The corruption the Auditor General described in her report was egregious. In total, $123 million worth of contracts were found to have been given inappropriately, while $76 million was given to projects where there was a connection to the Liberals' friends appointed to roles within SDTC. On top of this, $12 million was given to projects that were both ineligible and had a conflict of interest.
The only way to expose all wrongdoing and potential criminality is for an RCMP investigation to unfold. This was made clear after Trudeau’s former Minister, Navdeep Bains, testified before Committee and failed to answer any questions relating to the SDTC.
Bains refused to be transparent even though he was responsible for the SDTC. He even rushed through the appointment of its chair after he was warned that she was in a conflict of interest. Additionally, Minister Bains appointed four other directors that funnelled money to companies they own. But Navdeep Bains doesn’t care, telling Committee that he didn’t even bother to read the Auditor General’s report.
In fact, the Auditor General discovered that long-established conflict of interest policies were not followed in 90 cases. In one instance, Trudeau’s handpicked SDTC chair siphoned off $217,000 to her own company. One senior civil servant was recorded saying that these actions constituted a “sponsorship-scandal level kind of giveaway.”
Today, the NDP and Bloc have a choice. They can continue to help their Liberal coalition partners to cover up corruption, or they can follow the Conservatives' lead and ensure the RCMP gets all the information they need to investigate Justin Trudeau and his friends.
Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost and is not worth the corruption. Only Conservatives will give Canadians the transparency they deserve and restore common sense to Ottawa.