Inflation Surges Again After Liberal Spending Splurge

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, life is unaffordable for Canadians. Trudeau’s inflationary spending and taxes have driven up the cost of everything, with food costing Canadians $700 more this year than it did in 2023.
This was clear again today after Statistics Canada revealed that inflation rose to 2.9 percent. This happened after the Liberals celebrated multiple times that inflation was under control. Last year, Trudeau’s Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, even declared victory, saying that the Liberal plan to tackle inflation “is working.”
But Trudeau’s economic plan is not working. Prices at the grocery store are on the rise, as is the cost of rent, which is up 8.9 percent. Just ahead of the summer holidays, the cost of taking a family vacation is also up thanks to Trudeau’s 23% carbon tax hike and increasing costs for airfares. Yet Trudeau refuses to listen to Conservatives and axe the tax for summer to provide some relief for families.
This inflation spike is the direct consequence of Trudeau’s reckless inflationary spending. In April, Conservatives warned that Liberal spending was keeping interest rates up higher for longer, pushing millions of mortgage holders to the edge. Despite this, Trudeau added $61 billion in new inflationary spending in his most recent budget anyway.
This means the average family is now having to pay nearly $4,000 in new inflationary spending. In fact, Statistics Canada also revealed that spending grew almost 3 times faster than revenue in the first quarter of 2024.
Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost. Only Common Sense Conservatives will axe the tax and fix the budget to bring home lower prices for Canadians.