Happy Ukrainian Independence Day

Statement from Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre on Ukrainian Independence Day
“Today, Ukrainians in Canada and around the world are coming together to celebrate their country's independence. In 1991, after decades of Soviet socialism, oppression, mistreatment and subjugation, Ukrainians shrugged off their chains and voted to take control of their destiny.
“The bond that unites our two countries is strong. Canada is proud to host one of the largest Ukrainian diasporas in the world. Canadians also recognize Ukraine's historic struggle against an aggressor who, for centuries, has attempted to deny Ukrainian nationhood and suffocate their culture. Through it all, the Ukrainian people have remained resolute in the defence of their country.
“In 2023, Ukraine again finds itself battling against the Kremlin’s aggression. Once again, Ukrainians are dying to protect their sovereignty and culture, sacrificing so much for the values that all Canadians hold dear.
“On behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada, I would like to recognize this extraordinary sacrifice and wish all Ukrainians a happy Independence Day.
“Slava Ukraini.”