Foreign interference in the last two Canadian election

Today, with the release of the initial report from Commissioner Hogue and the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference, the long-standing concerns of Conservatives have been confirmed.
The Commissioner confirmed that “interference occurred in the last two general elections,” that it impacted those elections and “the right of Canadians to have their electoral processes and democratic institutions free from covert influence.” In looking more closely at examples of Beijing’s interference, the Commissioner also confirmed that foreign interference “diminished the ability of some voters to cast an informed vote.”
While the report also recognizes that there was no impact that would have changed the overall result of our elections, the Commissioner states that she could not rule out that it affected results at the riding level. For the sake of our democracy, the Trudeau Government cannot continue to dismiss and minimize the interference that did occur.
In the case of the Liberal nomination in Don Valley North, Commissioner Hogue highlights that “well grounded” indications of PRC interference could have “affected who was elected to Parliament.” She also notes that Prime Minister Trudeau decided against removing Han Dong, citing “direct electoral consequences”, confirming that his decisions were driven by Liberal political interests. She also noted that he did not follow up on the allegations of interference in Han Dong’s nomination.
In the case of former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu, the Commissioner identifies that there were “strong indicators” of Beijing’s interference campaign and that there was a “reasonable possibility” that this resulted in the defeat of Mr. Chiu and the election of his Liberal opponent.
It is also clear that as Canadians judge the actions of the Trudeau Government and its failure to prevent this interference, that we must consider Commissioner Hogue’s conclusion that the interference that was allowed to occur undermined public confidence in our elections. She notes that the risk of foreign interference in our elections will increase as long as the Liberal Government fails to take “sufficient protective measures to guard against it.”
As we await the second phase and final conclusions of the Inquiry, Conservatives will continue to hold the Trudeau Government accountable and work to ensure that Canadians learn the truth of Beijing’s interference that the Liberals have sought to hide. Only a Common Sense Conservative government will secure our democracy, protect our people and stand up to hostile foreign regimes like the one in Beijing.