Fire Useless Management Consultants

A Poilievre government will find a dollar of savings for every new dollar of spending. We will pay for this innovative solution by firing useless management consultants at Public Safety. These consultants include GC Strategies, one of the many firms linked to the $54 million ArriveCan scandal. A new ombudsman report on the ArriveCan app itself found that 76% of the contractors did no work. Right now, Public Safety Canada spends $33 million a year on management consultants, which works out to $165 million over 5 years.
The total cost for the upfront acquisition of these scanners is $55.2 million. Ongoing scanner maintenance will cost $7.2 million annually, a 5-year cost of $36 million. The cost of hiring the 75 CBSA officers over 5 years will be $41.5 million. This means the total initial and ongoing 5-year costs will be $132.7 million.
By firing useless management consultants, we can pay for the much-needed x-ray scanners and the CBSA officers needed to operate them, and still end up with a net savings for taxpayers of $33 million