Entry to Canada's housing market feels out of reach

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are suffering through a housing crisis. Rents, mortgage payments and housing prices have all doubled. Trudeau has made our cities among the most expensive in the world.
Today, Trudeau’s own Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) confirmed that housing construction will plummet as prices get more expensive. Under this Liberal government, housing starts will be lower in 2025-26 than they were in 2020-21. On top of this, the CMHC forecasted that “rents will rise and vacancy rates will fall,” as more people compete for less housing.
This follows a report from RBC last month which stated that Canada needs to build 320,000 homes every year just to ensure that housing doesn’t get any more expensive. But in 2023, Trudeau only managed 240,000 housing unit starts, down from roughly 271,000 in 2021. Despite this, the CMHC are forecasting housing starts to fall again this year by 6.6%.
While Justin Trudeau flies around Canada giving millions of dollars to the same gatekeepers who caused the housing crisis in the first place, Common Sense Conservatives have a plan to bring homes that Canadians can afford. Only a Pierre Poilievre government will build homes, not bureaucracies by linking federal infrastructure money to housing completions and firing the gatekeepers.