Conservatives will keep our hospitals safe

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, the Liberal-NDP’s radical experiments of hard drug legalization and taxpayer-funded free drugs has been a disaster. Since Trudeau was elected, 42,000 Canadians have died from drug overdoses. And now, it has become clear that one of the biggest proponents of Trudeau’s so-called “safe supply” experiment lied to members of the health committee.
Despite numerous addiction experts raising the alarm on the government's so-called “safe supply” program, proponents have been publicly lying about its harms. When asked about the risk of diverted drugs ending up in the hands of children, one of the so-called “experts” behind this experiment, Dr. Andrea Sereda, has said that “we have no evidence that they (safer supply hydromorphone tablets) are ending up in the hands of children.” As well as that “they’re not being sold to kids.”
We now know Dr. Sereda was lying. Behind closed doors, Sereda has admitted that our kids are accessing diverted hard drugs after having denied this at health committee. “I’m not going to stand up here and say that some kids, some adolescents, are not accessing diverted safe supply and using diverted safe supply.
Kids experiment with everything, and we need to be honest to ourselves that kids probably experiment with diverted safer supply as well.”
Why would this so-called “expert” deceive the committee looking into the opioid crisis? Probably to cover for the fact that she has received $6.5 million, with another $1.8 million to come, from Trudeau’s government to run a program that, by her own admission, has seen dangerous drugs end up in the hands of kids. She lied to Committee to protect her own interests and should have her medical license revoked.
When Common Sense Conservatives tried to call an emergency meeting to address Dr. Sereda’s lie, the NDP-Liberal-Bloc coalition decided to cover it up because they would rather spend their summers vacationing rather than getting to the truth about taxpayer-funded opioids being sold to our kids. Only Common Sense Conservatives are ready to put in the work to bring our loved ones home drug-free.