Conservatives Stand with Ukraine

The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following statement on the Anniversary of Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine:
“For the two years since Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, the world has watched as once-safe neighbourhoods have been destroyed. We’ve seen tanks fire at apartment buildings. We’ve seen images of crowds huddled in subway stations and of families forced out of their homes as Putin carries out a campaign of violence and hatred.
“Yet amidst the darkness, the world has witnessed the incredible heroism of the Ukrainian people. Regular people with no military experience have answered the call to defend their homeland. Teachers, small business owners and millions of others have been forced to put their passions aside in the hope of repelling Putin’s tyranny and restoring freedom to Ukraine.
“Ever since Prime Minister Harper confronted Putin after his illegal annexation of Crimea, Conservatives have been clear – Canada will always stand with Ukraine in defense of its freedom and sovereignty.
“Today, Conservatives reaffirm our commitment to supporting Ukraine in this fight. We will continue to fight to send more weapons and munitions to aid Ukraine. We will continue to demand that the government approve energy projects to put an end to European reliance on Russian gas. We will work to end Putin’s energy dominance that helps fund his barbaric war against the Ukrainian people. And we will fight foreign interference while championing a message of freedom, peace and democracy for Ukraine.
“Slava Ukraini.”