Conservatives call on CBC to stop awarding themselves executive bonuses.

The CBC has never been more out of touch with Canadians. This was made clear today after Conservatives discovered that the CBC’s President and CEO, Catherine Tait, lied to Canadians by saying she hadn’t yet awarded bonuses to herself and other top executives.
In reality, Tait had already dished out $15 million in bonuses to top CBC executives. This happened before she started to slash 800 jobs, which she then blamed on “chronic underfunding,” even though the Canadian taxpayer already gives the CBC $1.3 billion every year.
Trudeau’s Heritage Minister recently increased this amount by another $100 million this spring. Despite this, Tait said that she wasn’t satisfied with the amount of money the CBC was receiving, saying the CBC “is not out of the woods.” She also confirmed that this top-up does not ban executive bonuses as the Trudeau Government failed to place any conditions on this huge sum of taxpayer dollars.
The truth is that the CBC is failing because Tait is refusing to produce content that Canadians actually want to view. Since she took over as CEO in 2018, the CBC’s viewership has been cut in half. Under Tait’s leadership, the CBC has also begun cutting even more news programming. The CBC is no longer relevant to Canadians.
The last thing that Catherine Tait deserves is a bonus. She has presided over the CBC’s rock bottom, which resulted in her having to fire 600 of her employees. But this last summer, Tait awarded herself a $60,000 bonus anyway – more than most Canadians see in an entire year.
This greed and incompetence is costing the Canadian taxpayer and has to stop. For this reason, Common Sense Conservatives are calling on the Trudeau Government to instruct the CBC to stop awarding themselves executive bonuses.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will defund the CBC and end their misuse of taxpayer dollars.