Conservatives call for an investigation into Trudeau's Slush Fund

After nine years, Justin Trudeau is not worth the crime and not worth the corruption.
Today, Parliament voted in favour of a Common Sense Conservative motion calling on the government and the Auditor General to hand over all documents related to Justin Trudeau’s Green Slush Fund to the RCMP within 14 days.
Last week, the Auditor General revealed the shocking truth of the extent of Liberal Corruption through her report on the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). This showed that Trudeau had turned this organization into a slush fund for organizations connected to Liberal insiders. In total, $123 million worth of contracts were found to have been given inappropriately, while $76 million was given to projects where there was a connection to the Liberals' friends appointed to roles within SDTC.
On top of this, $12 million was given to projects that were both ineligible and had a conflict of interest. The Auditor General also discovered that long-established conflict of interest policies were not followed in 90 cases. In one instance, Trudeau’s handpicked SDTC chair siphoned off $217,000 to her own company.
The Liberals were the only party to vote against this motion in an attempt to further cover up the egregious corruption at the SDTC. In fact, one senior civil servant was quoted as saying that these actions constituted “sponsorship-scandal level kind of giveaway.”
Quite simply, an RCMP investigation is the only way to fully expose all wrongdoing and potential criminality at the SDTC Green Slush Fund. Conservatives look forward to hearing from the RCMP on whether they will pursue these credible allegations.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will continue to demand transparency from Justin Trudeau and end the Liberal corruption in Ottawa.