Conservative Bill C-353 Passes to 2nd Reading

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, the Liberal government is no longer taking its obligations to protect Canadians seriously. This was made clear after the Liberals decided to vote against a Common Sense Conservative Bill that will deter hostage-taking and protect Canadians who are living or travelling overseas.
Fortunately, in spite of the Liberals’ opposition, this Bill passed anyway.
The Foreign Hostage Takers Accountability Act (C-353) will strengthen Canada’s ability to deter, minimize, and resolve instances of foreign hostage-taking by increasing the government’s power to levy sanctions, establishing a Family Liaison Centre, and providing incentives for global cooperation.
The Liberal Party voting against this shows just how unserious Trudeau is about protecting Canadians. Over the past year, Canadians have witnessed horrific scenes of hostage-taking. The Government of Canada must ensure that Canadians will never be subject to the same abuse of human rights.
It’s clear that modern, effective legislation can be the difference between life and death and often pre-empts life-threatening situations. On top of this, the Bill also provides support to families of hostages, who endure long periods of sacrifice and stress in the pursuit of the safety and return of their loved ones.
Every Canadian deserves to be safe and secure. They deserve a government that can help them when things go wrong.
This vote shows that it is Common Sense Conservatives, not Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, who will protect Canadians by strengthening our laws against terrorists and hostile foreign states.