Conservative Business Relief Measures Pass

Dear Friends,


I am pleased to report that, this past week, the Conservatives’ Opposition Day Motion to help small businesses passed, 176-152.


This motion will pause any audits of small businesses who received CEWS (Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy) until at least June 2021, as well as provide additional flexibility for CEWS, CERS (Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy), and other support programs.


This will help Canadians who have fallen through the cracks, and businesses held back by government regulation.


Conservatives know that without small and medium sized businesses, there is no Canadian economy. They are the backbone of this country.


At a time when our unemployment is the highest in the G7, and when our economy is suffering most, we should be doing everything in our power to get these businesses up and running again. That is what this motion aims to accomplish.


Despite this, however, every single Liberal member present voted against the motion.


I suppose we should not be surprised; this is, after all, the party whose leader tried to suggest that small businesses are tax cheats.


Since the beginning of the shutdown, Conservatives have been calling for greater flexibility in Prime Minister Trudeau’s rigid programs. While Canadians were being left behind, the PM shut down Parliament for his own personal gain.


Our Conservative Shadow Ministers Pat Kelly and Philip Lawrence put it simply: “It’s shameful that the Trudeau Liberals failed to support this motion.”


While we are pleased and celebrate that our Conservative motion passed, this is but one small step towards recovery that we are planning to take.


Rest assured that I, along with my Conservative colleagues, will continue to fight for Canadians, and get this country back on the road to prosperity.


I hope this has been of interest to you.



Kelly Block, MP