Congratulations Premier Moe

Dear Friends,


This past week, Premier Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party emerged from the Provincial Election with a strong majority.


I want to thank all candidates who put their names forward, without whom our democratic process would not work.


It also goes without saying that this process would not work without all the volunteers who made this election possible. Your time and efforts are much appreciated.


It is important that, even during times of crisis, we are able to exercise our democratic rights.


Congratulations to all the candidates who were elected to represent the people of Saskatchewan. It is both a great honour and responsibility.


I support Premier Moe in his call upon the Federal government to focus on the economic recovery of our nation and national unity. 


I look forward to working with my provincial counterparts to carry out our obligation to serve our constituents.


Have a great, restful weekend everyone!



Kelly Block, MP