Community Profile: Warman

Community Profile: Warman
Warman was first incorporated as a village in 1906 but had been around since 1904 due to the construction of the Canadian Northern Railway being built from Humboldt to North Battleford. The tracks for the Canadian Northern Railway were parallel to the Dominion Telegraph line originally built in 1876.
The village of Warman was informally called Diamond due to the intersection of the train tracks which made way for many settlers to come to the area. However, the settlement was changed to Warman in honor of Cy Warman who was a writer for Canadian Northern Railroad and the Grand Trunk Prairie Railway line.
Not only did the availability of transportation to the area allure settlers to Warman, but the enticing offer of $10.00 per quarter section of land was highly attractive to the newcomers. Although Warman grew fast in population size initially, the growth was eventually hindered due to the lack of supply of water. Addedly, Warman struggled with a devastating fire, tornadoes and epidemics such as smallpox and scarlet fever among others.
In the aftermath of World War 1, Warman’s population had declined and by 1927, Warman was dropped to unincorporated hamlet status with a population of less than 100. Although Warman faced struggles in the early stages of its incorporation, the community persevered.
By 1932, the RM of Warman had become the most densely populated and prosperous RM in Saskatchewan which has been attributed largely to its closely-knit Mennonite community. In the 1950’s, Warman experienced a surge in growth that was largely due to improvements in transportation. The advances made in transportation was what allowed Warman to become one of the first bedroom communities in Saskatchewan. Residents could be able to commute to Saskatoon while still raising a family in smaller and quieter environment.
Warman was reincorporated as a village again in 1962 after the population had grown to 659 residents the year prior. In 1966, Warman was officially granted town status. From thereon, Warman continued to make many improvements including treated water piped from Saskatoon and the installation of storm sewers and paving of streets.
In the 2011 census, Warman had a population of 7084, and new residential neighborhoods continue to be built at an above average rate. By 2012, Warman was officially incorporated as the 16th city in Saskatchewan and by 2016, the city had a population that exceeded 11,020. Over the five-year period from 2011 to 2016, Warman grew at a 55.1% growth rate. Additionally, since 2016, the city of Warman has been the fastest growing city in Saskatchewan with a growth rate of 12.7%. Larger residential lots give residents more value for their dollar, making it an attractive location to settle down and raise a family in a suburban but spacious setting.