Community Profile: Martensville

The community of Martensville was first established in 1939 when farmers Isaac Martens and his son Dave Martens purchased 250 acres of land located nine kilometers north of Saskatoon. Dave sold three small parcels to people who wanted to move from Saskatoon to a quieter area and so the community began. Most of the new people who moved to Martensville were Mennonites who worked in Saskatoon but wanted to retain their connection to the strong and closely-knit Mennonite community of the Hague-Osler area in Saskatchewan.
The community of Martensville began to grow when the first school was built in 1953 on land that was donated by a local resident from the area, Jake Gerbrandt. With the construction of the school, the community began to grow. By 1966, the community of Martensville had achieved village status and by 1969, Martensville had grown successfully into a town and was incorporated as such that year.
The growth that Martensville experienced in the late 1960’s was due to a large population increase in Saskatoon that resulted in the development of several new subdivisions and bedroom communities. Martensville became one of these bedroom communities as more and more suburbanites moved from Saskatoon to one of the communities for their lower land prices and new homes.
Although the population growth in Saskatoon did ultimately increase Martensville’s population growth, it was not until the town implemented a water and sewage system that the town experienced astonishing exponential growth. From the time the water and sewage system was put into place in 1976, Martensville grew from a population of 960 to 1,966 by 1981. By 1991, the population had grown from 1,966 to 3,300 people. In 2006, the population of Martensville was 4,978 and was incorporated as a city in 2009. By 2011, Martensville’s population had increased to 7,716 and a population of 11,670 by 2022.