Common-Sense Conservatives oppose Liberal tax hike

In two weeks time, Justin Trudeau will hike taxes on homebuilding during a housing shortage. He will raise taxes on doctors during a doctor shortage. He will hike taxes again on farmers during a food cost crisis and on small business as Canadians’ paycheques are shrinking.
After nine years of Justin Trudeau, this latest Liberal tax hike is the last thing that Canadians need. Yet, the Liberal Government is continuing to push it through despite mounting opposition from doctors, small business owners, builders and workers. In fact, the House of Common’s Finance Committee has not heard one second of witness testimony from the people who will pay for this tax increase.
Common Sense Conservatives will force this out-of-touch Liberal Government to listen to Canadians. That’s why Conservatives are putting forward a motion calling for emergency Finance Committee meetings to study the devastating impacts the Prime Minister’s tax increase will have on Canadians and the economy.
It is vital for Justin Trudeau to understand the impacts that this tax increase will have before it takes effects in just two weeks time. Conservatives will also call on Trudeau’s Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, to testify at these emergency Committee meetings. Over the past few days, Freeland has tried to justify this tax by saying the rich will pay more. In reality, Freeland gave billionaires a two-month window to sell their investments and move their money abroad to pay lower taxes building foreign businesses.
Already, nine out of ten middle-class Canadians are paying higher income tax than they were before Trudeau became Prime Minister. With this new tax hike, it’s clear that working Canadian families will have to foot the bill for Trudeau’s wasteful spending yet again.
As the NDP and Bloc Quebecois support this tax increase, they should be more than willing to support the Conservative motion and explain their support for Trudeau’s tax increase.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will axe the tax and bring home powerful paycheques for all Canadians.