Canadians Deserve A Carbon Tax Election

After eight years, it is clear that Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost. Never did Canadians think it could get this bad. Homeless encampments are common in every major Canadian city and food banks had to deal with two million visitors in a single month last year.
In 2024, things will get even worse. Food banks are expecting another million visitors this year on top of last year’s record high. And one in ten people in Toronto are having to use food banks while even members of our armed forces can’t afford to feed themselves.
And in the middle of all of this, Justin Trudeau and his NDP coalition partners decided to raise taxes on Canadians. On April 1st, the carbon tax coalition is hiking their carbon tax by 23 cents a litre as part of their plan to quadruple this tax over six years. Trudeau just doesn’t understand that if you tax the farmer who makes the food, and the trucker who ships the food, you end up taxing everyone who buys the food.
Common Sense Conservatives cannot in good conscience stand by and allow Justin Trudeau to impose more misery on Canadians. That’s why we’ve called a non-confidence vote on this Liberal-NDP government.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will build the homes, fix the budget, axe the tax and stop the crime.